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150 ฿

Product Description : Package Type: 2 pack
Package Type (2 packs) per 2-3 sqm. Please refer to the enclosed box for the best performance.

How to use : Use to prevent and prevent mice from living in the area and with the damage caused by rodent bites. Suitable for small closed areas. For example, engine room, locker, cabinet, etc. Can be used in the home, bedroom, office.

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270 ฿

Product Description : Spray type 220 cc.
Made from natural extracts. Fragrant for people But it is a smell that dogs and cats do not like. It is effective in chasing and preventing dogs and cats from excretion in the area. Leo Odor uses the scent of chasing. No toxic substances are toxic to both humans and animals.

How to use : Use to prevent and prevent dogs and cats from excreting. Suitable for use with non-pet dogs or cats.

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150 ฿

Product description: Anti-mosquito repellant, anti-mosquito, anti-mosquito and anti-mosquito properties. To reduce the amount of waste is not per person. Pets do not destroy the environment.

How to use: Use to kill and prevent mosquitoes, mosquitoes, insects, insects, embroidered in the problem area or can spray on the pet without harm.
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380 ฿

Product Description   : One bottle of leprechaun can be used on 50-80 sq.m. area of ​​use. Please follow the instructions in the attachment for good performance.

How to use  : Use to prevent and prevent rodents in the area and prevent damage caused by rodent bites. Suitable for engine room. Warehouses, wiring, drainage, ceiling, house, farm, animal farm, trash and wide area etc.
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