Getting sick



Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

  • Doctors can diagnose mesothelioma from the patient’s symptoms. From physical examination Including career history. Living environment Exposure to various sources of water and additional laboratory tests include:
    Blood tests include CBC (CBC), where white blood cells are higher than normal. Some patients may be up to 50,000 / min. Platelet counts, liver function tests. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), which is highly elevated, (High value), pancreatic enzyme screening (may be elevated if hepatitis is present), in severe cases Blood clotting and renal function are abnormal. The amount of waste in the blood.
    Urine test (egg white, red blood cells and white blood cells. These are usually not in the urine.)
    Spinal cord examination (In cases of severe headache or suspected cerebral meningitis. The white blood cells in the spleen. The egg white may also be higher.)
    Specific laboratory tests for rodent disease are cultures of blood, cerebrospinal fluid or urine. And screening for Leptospira infection from lymphatic testing. Microscopic slide agglutination test (MSAT), latex agglutination test, LEPTO dipstick test, etc.) It takes a long time. The diagnosis is based on symptoms. Physical examination And preliminary laboratory tests. Then consider the treatment. There is no need to wait for a specific laboratory test.
  • High fever, chills, headache, aches and pains In addition to the causes of influenza, typhoid fever, typhoid fever, dengue fever, dengue acute acute kidney disease. Gall bladder And bile duct inflammation. I also need to think of disease with me. Especially if there are patients with conjunctivitis or jaundice. The patient in the area where the disease is abundant.
    This disease is mainly caused by over 90% of cases. especially If there is no symptoms of jaundice. Sometimes doctors often have a diagnosis of influenza or a viral infection, so when a patient has suspected symptoms of influenza or a viral infection. The doctor will check the patient’s calves. If the patient feels sore thighs The doctor is suspected to be a rodent disease. And will notice the changes closely. And may be taken at the hospital soon.
    In severe cases. It is common for people with yellowing of the eyes, yellow eyes, and sometimes mistakenly thought to be hepatitis. However, there is a difference that patients with viral hepatitis usually have no fever when they have jaundice. While patients with mesothelioma suffer from high fever while having jaundice. And often with other symptoms such as kidney failure (urinary output less), nosebleeds Or have green spots together.