Getting to know “rabies” together.

Rabies or rabies

Contact of the disease
  • Contact through the saliva of infected animals.
    99% of human infections Caused by dog bites.
    If the infection runs into the brain, the infected person will die immediately.
First Aid
  • Wash the wound that is bitten with clean water and soap water. See your doctor for vaccines.
  • Rabies can be found in most poor countries in Asia and Africa.
15 minutes, people die of rabies.
40% of victims died. Is a child under the age of 15
How can we prevent rabies?
  • Increase awareness in society.
    Learn the behavior of dogs and cats.
    Not bite = not infected
Dog and cat vaccines can save lives.
  • Rabies can be 100% preventable.
    Only 70% of dogs are vaccinated against the disease.
    All dogs and cats should give priority to vaccinating your pet.