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I am a fierce enemy that creates many problems. In the home Plantation I also have a car that has passed the news that the car must stay in the car for a long time. The cause is expected to come from the “mice” that bite the wires in the car, causing the electrical system in the car itself. This problem has already occurred with many homes. Some people may use a trap or use boredom. But it must be left to waste. To find it If you do not find it, smell it for several days to find the remains. From this issue, “Leo Rat”, which is extracted from Thai herbs.


“By the first try to use it in the family first. And keep the information. And distribute it to friends who have the same problem. Many people are suggesting that they should sell out because they are a problem that everyone encounters. Leo Rat has registered and be in the market since 2000.


Leo Rat

Leo Rat is safe with both pets. Do not be afraid of cats. The dog in the house will eat and be harmed. Because the ingredients do not use food as a lure and also made from herbs in our home. The ingredient is natural oil extracted to remove the effect. There are also herbal and insect repellent products (Leo Fly) and herbal dog chews (Leo Dog) to meet the needs of the market. 



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